Enesi is focused on the development of innovative vaccines and therapeutic agents, using its proprietary ImplaVax® solid dose formulation and device technology.

The ImplaVax® technology comprises three main components:

  • A handheld spring-powered actuator (single or multi-use)
  • A separate, disposable unit dose cassette pre-loaded with a single solid Universal Vaccine Implant (UVI)
  • A single precision-engineered solid dose UVI containing the monovalent or multivalent vaccine or vector construct together with its associated excipient matrix that confers its mechanical strength and stability

Before use, the pre-loaded unit dose cassette is inserted into the actuator.  Priming and skin tensioning is achieved by the action of pressing the loaded cassette gently against the skin. Further downward pressure actuates the internal mechanism to instantly deliver the UVI through the skin and directly into the subcutaneous tissue without the need for needles.  Once implanted, the UVI dissolves releasing the active ingredient over time and inducing the desired immune response.

Enesi’s proprietary technologies have undergone thorough feasibility testing, and are approved for human clinical trial use.

Data delivered to date provide compelling evidence for the potential of Enesi products to transform the performance and delivery of vaccines and therapeutics and make a material impact on global healthcare.

Enesi’s ImplaVax® enabled products have potential to transform performance and delivery of vaccines and therapeutics