Enesi Pharma Drives Forward Growth Plans with Move to New State-Of-The-Art Headquarters in Oxford

Oxford, UK – 20th September 2018. Enesi Pharma, an innovative pharmaceutical company developing unique injectable solid dose drug-device vaccine products, is delighted to announce the opening of its new headquarters including state-of-the-art research and development facilities in Milton Park, Oxford, in the heart of the UK’s dynamic life science cluster.

 Since its launch in 2017 Enesi has made rapid and robust progress with the development of its ImplaVax® needle-free injection platform. Its new facilities on Milton Park provide the Company with state-of-the-art solid dose formulation and development capabilities to support work it is doing, and plans to do, in collaboration with organisations towards the creation of innovative ImplaVax-enabled vaccine products. Enesi is confident that these products have the potential to make a material impact on global healthcare.

ImplaVax is the combination of an innovative and proprietary solid dose formulation and device technology offering significant potential benefits for patients, care givers, healthcare professionals and payers. Product benefits are achieved through enhanced effectiveness, safety, ease of use, reliability and thermal stability. ImplaVax products also offer no risk of needle-stick injury cross-contamination and are supported by a strong patient preference over needle and syringe.

David Hipkiss, CEO of Enesi, said:

“Relocating to our new facility in Oxford allows us to develop our ImplaVax platform and fully assess its potential to become a game-changer in vaccination technology. Initially, we will seek to establish the benefits of ImplaVax through collaborations with a range of vaccine makers, with our ultimate goal to become an important player in the development of next-generation vaccines that significantly improve human health on a global basis.  We have made fantastic progress since launch and have plans to grow substantially. Our new headquarters and R&D facility position us at the centre of UK biotech creativity and technical excellence and have been designed to foster a dynamic environment for our existing and future team and provide the optimum conditions for success.”

Enesi opens new laboratory to support rapid growth